Are you planning on taking your dog on vacation with you this year? There is definitely a bit more planning involved but it can be a rewarding and unforgettable experience in the end. However, poor planning can really ruin the vacation for everyone, so plan carefully.

Before you go

More detailed planning of your journey and time away should keep you on the safe side from dog-related inconveniences. Before you go, check if the hotel accepts dogs, what are the airline requirements for dog transfer, does your dog get sick in the car, what will be the daily activities – can your dog come with you? Before you leave for your trip, make sure you have not forgotten anything. Use this list as a guide while you are packing. Add your own personal touch as needed.

There is a growing number of pet-friendly hotels. Many of them however charge a non-refundable pet deposit upon arrival, then a daily pet fee. Some even tack on a special cleaning fee. On the other hand, there are some hotels that are more than welcoming to your four-legged friend – some have pet Spa on their premises, dog-walking and dog-sitting services, some even offer complementary dog beds and bowls. The bottom line is, before you choose, do your research about pet-friendly hotels.

Emergencies do not only happen close to home, they can also happen while travelling with your dog. Advance planning can make these emergencies less stressful. Before the trip, make a list of veterinary hospitals in the area where you will be staying, along with a map. If your dog shows sudden signs of illness, that list can help save your dog’s life. Also, don’t forget to check the vaccination requirements of your destination country (for more information visit 


What to bring with you for the journey: 

If you anticipate more vices than virtues by taking your dog on holiday with you, then rather leave him/her at home. It’s understandable that dog owners don’t want to leave their four-legged friends behind while going on holiday. Provided you do all the necessary arrangements, travelling with your dog can indeed be a very rewarding experience and loads of fun for both of you. You should plan in advance and make sure your dog will enjoy the trip as well as you do.