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clippers for dogs

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Claw nippers for small to large dogs are an essential part of dog grooming equipment.
Claws should be trimmed regularly to prevent the fleshy part from growing into the claw.
It is ideal to use guillotine style cutters as the claws do not fray. Thanks to the rubberized handle with notches, the pliers fit in the hand and do not slip out.
After clipping, ideally reward your dog with our After Bath biscuits.

  • clean and precise trimming of dog claws
  • equipped with protection against too deep trimming and a lock to keep the pliers’ blades closed
  • stainless steel blades
  • easy to grip and handle thanks to non-slip surface
  • in 2 sizes S and L

Our commitments

  • Mild formula and light scent – suitable for the most sensitive dogs
  • Aromatherapeutic effect – healing body and soul
  • Natural ingredients – no parabens, silicones or colours
  • Produced in small batches in the Czech Republic from Fairtrade suppliers
  • Not tested on animals but on ourselves
  • Developed by vets, aromatherapists, chemics and professional groomers

How to use

Once you hear the claws clicking against the pavement when the dog walks, it’s time to trim them all.
Be careful not to cut the claw into the flesh.


✔ BIO and Fairtrade ingredients
stainless steel clippers in 2 sizes